It all started with my obession with creativity and love for street fashion. Electrikk is not a brand, but a creative platform where I display my world. The choice to put these creations on wearable items came across me when I felt stuck searching for what I wanted in the stores. Traditional Patterns, boring colors, and boring illustrations. These weren't for me. I needed to be able to wear what I wanted and how I felt with edgy and comfortable clothing with fun graphics.
Electrikk didn't start off as a brand. The name came after viewing many of my sketches and designs. Realizing most of my work was loud with color, fun illustrations, and my imagination I decided to call this collection of creations Electrikk for it's electrifying appearance. It will never just be a clothing brand, but a place where I can share my passion for creativity.

My name is Chelsea Arruda & I'm the owner and designer of Electrikk Clothing.